Our volunteers are driven by one goal: taking care of children around the world and providing them with the highest quality surgical care. Our network of thousands of credentialed medical volunteers from more than 80 countries generously donate their time, knowledge and unique skills to change children’s lives.

“An Operation Smile medical mission is always uplifting. In spite of the hard work and long hours, I feel totally rejuvenated. The look on a patient’s face when they see themselves for the first time after surgery is simply my favourite thing.”

– Dr. Alexandra Torborg.


SA Medical volunteers in 2016


The dedication and heart that our
volunteers bring to treating every patient


Countries visited by OSSA medical volunteers last year

“Seeing a child smiling, seeing a mother’s tears — that’s so moving. People have a great bit of problems around the world. If we can try to help them, that’s the humanitarian thing that we must do.”

– Prof. Anil Madaree, Plastic Surgeon, South Africa, Volunteer for 10 Years