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Our global medical leadership teams design and deliver hands-on education programmes to train thousands of local medical professionals, so they can provide treatment within their own communities and share their expertise.


of medical professionals who volunteered with Operation Smile in 2016 were from low- and middle-income countries


of medical volunteers say their involvement with Operation Smile provides them with a unique educational experience and helps strengthen the surgical capacity of their local community

“Being an Op Smile volunteer really is life-changing! It gives one a completely new perspective on what is really important, on how other people live, on how fortunate we are, and that deep down, no matter where we come from, what we believe in, what we look like, what we do or don’t have, or who we are, we are all the same at heart.”

– Erika Bostok, Speech Pathologist, South Africa, Volunteer for 8 Years

Training and education isn’t just something we do — It’s at the heart of everything we do. It happens on every engagement through the exchange of ideas among our medical specialists from diverse backgrounds with varied levels of expertise. Together we have the same goal: improve how surgical care is delivered while empowering local communities.”

– Dr. Ruben Ayala, Operation Smile Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, United States

“I see different styles of skills which are not common in my country. I’ve become more confident and more capable.”

– Dr. Yemane Wondafrash, Anesthesiologist, Ethiopia, Volunteer for 5 Years

“In as much as we’re providing a service to patients and communities during a mission, as a volunteer anesthetist I feel I learn and gain as much as the patients do. Some of the really interesting aspects for me are learning about the epidemiology and disease patterns in different countries.”

– Dr. Sandhya Jithoo, Anesthetist, South Africa, Volunteer for 2 Years