Student Leadership

Our Vision:

We believe in the power of youth to create a compassionate world.

Our Mission:

Operation Smile Student Programs empowers youth globally through advocacy, education, leadership, and service.

Our student volunteers represent the future of furthering the Operation Smile mission. Volunteering with us affords them a fulfilling and unique opportunity to be exposed to different cultures, serve those who need it the most, and discover things about themselves they may not have otherwise.


OSSA Student Coordinator  – Fiola Lujabe on / 021 447 3608

Volunteering is multifaceted. Working with the students enables me to broaden my horizon by seeing the future through their eyes while I broaden theirs when they see the rewards of giving back. On a mission parents of patients awaken me to the simplicity of their lives and their philosophy. It has changed the way I live.”

– Wendy Bradshaw, Student Sponsor, South Africa

Operation Smile reminds me every day of the effect and impact that a life-changing surgery has on individuals who otherwise would have been largely marginalised and whose health would have been otherwise compromised.”

– Leila Amien, Student Volunteer, South Africa