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Student Leadership

Our Vision:

We believe in the power of youth to create a compassionate world.

Our Mission:

Operation Smile Student Programs empowers youth globally through advocacy, education, leadership, and service.

Our student volunteers represent the future of furthering the Operation Smile mission. Volunteering with us affords them a fulfilling and unique opportunity to be exposed to different cultures, serve those who need it the most, and discover things about themselves they may not have otherwise.


OSSA Student Coordinator – Fiola Lujabe on / 021 447 3608

“I chose Operation Smile because I clearly saw their cause. It was clear that they care about every patient and they are truly changing the world through one smile at a time. In my religion it is important to give charity, and even if we have nothing, a smile is considered charity. My mission experience was one of the best experiences I have ever had so far. I have never seen how people from all over the world work so well together caring for the same cause. As a student I mainly prioritized keeping the patients calm and happy as majority were children. I was fascinated by these children. Their creativity, how smart they were for their age truly made me see how they are the next leaders of tomorrow.”

– Farah Logday, Student Volunteer and U-Voice for Operation Smile SA

“As a South African, born in Cape Town and currently residing in Germany, I continuously explore ways of connecting with my community back home. I have chosen Operation Smile, because it not only gives me the opportunity to create awareness, but also support the provision of life-changing surgeries for children born with cleft palette or cleft lip in communities”

– Zaria Adam, Studen Volunteer, Germany