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A single donation can go a long way and empower Operation Smile to do more! Your donation will certainly give hope to a waiting child, and the gift of a smile.

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Regular donations will empower Operation Smile to do more! Your help and donations will certainly make a difference for the child and their family members.

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As a fundraiser for Operation Smile, you can inspire others to support what you do in the name of helping children across the world. Start a Smile Fundraiser today and get your community, family and friends all involve. The Gift of a SMILE lasts a lifetime.


  1. Visit our profile on GivenGain.
  2. Click ‘Start Fundraising’.
  3. Select your fundraising project.
  4. Sign-up and create your fundraiser account.
  5. Set-up your activist project. (And be sure to tell everyone why you are raising funds!)
  6. Set your fundraising target.
  7. Set your deadline.

Add pictures and other details to make your project POP!

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Our team of medical volunteers are ready to perform cleft lip and palate surgery on children across South Africa. You can make a difference.

It takes as little as R5500 and as few as 45 minutes to provide a bright, beautiful new smile and an even brighter future to a child born with a cleft lip or cleft palate.

We Thank You for Your Help

It’s through the generosity of our medical volunteers and donors, and the awareness generated by our youth leaders and community volunteers that make Operation Smile successful.

Your ongoing support helps Operation Smile save more lives and provide more surgeries to children in need around the world.